Sample Inspection

View an example of what our report of an inspection looks like with our sample inspection report. Inside you will see what we look for, how we categorize our findings, and learn just how easy it is to use and navigate our report.

View Everything you Need to Know about easily Inside the Inspection Report

Inside the sample inspection report we have three buttons, “All”, “Summary”, and “Major Recommendations/ Safety Hazards”. These three buttons show either the entire inspection report, hide only Minor Recommendations, or only show Major Recommendations that we recommend fixing as soon as possible. This will save you time and make it that much easier to find more important issues that are better off being delt with sooner rather than later.

TRR Tools Our Realtors Are Sure to Love

In the top right corner of the sample inspection report is the tab labelled “Report Tools”. This tab allows you to copy and paste all of the findings we pointed out on the inspection report. This means that instead of going through the inspection report trying to find everything, you can save much needed time by copying it all at once!

Need To find a company to Repair Something in Your Home?

We have plenty of companies that we highly recommend when it comes to dealing with repairs in your home being done the right way! Take a look at their websites and see who it is that you think you would like to hire!