Additional Services

Sewer Scoping

Findign out about sewer line issues when a major issue pops up can be a pain. With our Sewer Scope service our inspector will scope your sewer tap from the cleanout to the main tap and as far underneath the house as our scope will allow us to go, this way you know what the houses sewer line is looking like before you move in.

HVAC Floor Duct Scoping

Intrested in a home with HVAC Floor Ducts? We can have your floor ducts scoped to make sure your HVAC line is clear of any debris and is in good shape. And check your HVACS Plenium to isure it is in good operational condition.

Well Inspections

Is the home outside of sewer line services? With our well inspections we can make sure that your Well is in good operational condition and make sure that you are getting the proper water pressure from your tank.

Septic Inspections

Is the home outside of sewer line services? With our septic inspections, we will stress test your septic system and make sure your lateral lines are properly graded, and insure your septics system is operating properly. **We will not open up septic tanks to check the sludge level**

Have an Aerobic Unit instead of your typical Conventional System? Not to worry, because we also cover Aerobic Units in our septic inspections. We will open up your Aerobic Unit and check the units level and insure that the overflow protections are operating as intended.


Pool & Spa Inspections

Interested in a home with a pool and/or spa? With our pool & spa inspections, we will inspect the condition of the pool and/or spa to make sure it is in operational condition.

Detached Structure

Does the property you are interested in have a detached structure? We will inspect that with the same level of detail that we would on the home itself. If there is an issue with that structure, you will know about it.